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Tiaki Taoka Framework

The framework outlines the overarching kawa that Tiaki Taoka will follow. It is a simple but important set of principles which provide a framework that staff can expect to follow and be supported, and where mokopuna, whānau and kaitiaki whānau mana is enhanced and respected. There are two sets of principles, those of Kāi Tahu and Mana Mokopuna. The maihi (bargeboards) of the whare hold an additional five pou which provide a support structure to ensure mokopuna and whānau can achieve their wāwata and moemoeā (dreams and aspirations).

Te Rereka Toroa Practice Model

Te Rereka Toroa Practice Model was developed with our some of our community through a co-design process. The model is representation of what was highlighted in consultations and our extensive research, focusing on Tiaki Taoka’s three target areas of practice

Tiaki Taoka is situated at Te Kāika in Caversham, Dunedin. The Framework utilises the Te Kāika model of support and the importance of reaching out and connecting mokopuna and whānau to their community, ensuring their hauora and mātauraka needs are meet.

Mokopuna and whānau are thriving when they are connected to each other and to people with positive relationships that grow their wellbeing.

Whakapapa is the connection to both each other as Kāi Tahu but also how we relate to the resources, lands and waterways. Tiaki Taoka will utlise the multiple layers of whakapapa to ensure that mokopuna are connected to their whānau, hapū and iwi, experience their whenua and build skills around Kāi Tahu knowledge (i.e. mahika kai).

Tiaki Taoka seeks to maintain the mana of our mokopuna, whānau and kaitiaki whānau throughout their engagement with our service. We will always act in a manner that is aroha and in a tika and pono. It will be important to practice in a mana enhancing way that is actively utilised, ensure we not only maintain but build their sense of self-worth and value.

Relationships are key to a connected and thriving community. Whanaukataka is the process by which we build sustainable relationships that can endure difficult times. Tiaki Taoka has whakawhanautaka at the heart of how we go about our work.

Mokopuna and whānau are thriving when they are connected to each other and to people with positive relationships that grow their wellbeing.


The dreams and aspirations of our mokopuna and whānau are at the centre of the Framework. Ensuring that our future generations are well resourced in hauora, mātauraka and connections in order to achieve their dreams and aspirations is the core role of Tiaki Taoka.

This is the 2025 Kāi Tahu vision which outlines our collective responsibilities for our future generations, and is also the foundation upon which Tiaki Taoka has set its framework on.


The Mokopuna Pou specifically addresses the practice needs of Mokopuna in the care of Tiaki Taoka. This includes the encompassing of their rights to a holistic response that meets their education, health and community participation needs.


The Whānau Pou represents the whānau connections of Mokopuna inclusive of whānau, hapū and iwi. Tiaki Taoka acknowledges that in order to keep mokopuna healthy and connected, their whānau need the same support and manaaki as mokopuna are intrinsically linked to their whānau regardless of where they reside.


The Kaitiaki Whānau Pou depicts the importance placed on our people who take on the responsibilities of caring for Kāi Tahu Mokopuna. Tiaki Taoka recognises the part Kaitiaki play in providing safe, loving homes and the responsibilities that we hold in ensuring they are properly resourced and supported to do their role well.

Ngāi Tahu Values

Tiaki Taoka uses these Ngāi Tahu values to stay connected to the Kāi Tahu way of living in all that we do.

Mana Mokopuna

The values set out under ‘Mana Mokopuna’ is in recognition of Kāi Tahu’s Rautaki Rakatahi Strategy that was launched in November 2019. This has been central to the Tiaki Taoka co-design with taiohi who are child protection system experienced. The taiohi we consulted aligned with many of the pou in the taiohi strategy and the themes have been threaded in to the Tiaki Taoka framework. As the framework seeks to uphold the mana of both tamariki and taiohi, it has been adjusted to include the range of ages.

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